10 of the Most Walkable Cities in the US

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If you’re looking to move to a city that’s easily walkable, a walk score is an important metric to pay attention to. It takes into account the proximity of business areas to residential areas as well as the infrastructure available in the city to accommodate pedestrians. Walk Score ranks major US cities by walkability; below is a list of the top ten walkable cities in the US.


Walk Score: 88.7

While San Francisco may be a city of rolling hills, it’s one of the most walkable cities in the US. And think about it: the higher the hill, the better the view. Plus, walking San Francisco’s hills can qualify as leg day. If you need to take a break from walking, you can always have a cable car or trolley whisk you away.

Best Places to Walk in San Francisco:

Some of the most walkable neighborhoods in San Francisco are Chinatown and The Tenderloin District. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Fishermen’s Wharf, the Mission District, or Haight Ashbury. Explore some of the city’s parks, like Golden Gate Park.

Walking New York with Protalus insoles


Walk Score: 88.0

It can be expensive to drive around New York City, so walking and public transportation is where it’s at. New York City was designed with walkers in mind–just remember to keep up with the flow of pedestrians, because New Yorkers walk fast.

Best Places to Walk in New York City:

Get your nature-fix while walking in Central Park, walk along the waterfront, or pick a neighborhood in Manhattan to explore.


Walk Score: 82.8

Boston is a relatively small major city; it’s the smallest of the Top Five walking cities in the US. Boston’s downtown area is almost entirely walkable.

Best Places to Walk in Boston:

Walk along the iconic Freedom Trail or wander around one of the city’s many museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts. Some of Boston’s best walkable neighborhoods include Bay Village, North End, and Beacon Hill.


Walk Score: 77.2

Chicago’s 500+ city parks alone make it a great walking city. Add museums, sports stadiums, restaurants, and music venues that are all within walking distance of each other, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to walk around the Windy City.

Best Places to Walk in Chicago:

Walk and shop along the Magnificent Mile. There are systems of trails along Lake Michigan, so take a walk along the waterfront. Another popular place to walk in Chicago is the Ukrainian Village.


Walk Score: 76.7

Washington, D.C. ranks high on the walkability list. It’s a city that provides endless opportunities to explore on foot.

Best Places to Walk in Washington, D.C.:

Walk around the National Mall. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, US Capitol, White House, and National Zoo. Walkable neighborhoods include Dupont Circle and Georgetown. If you’re really in the walking mood, head over to Arlington, Virginia, deemed “America’s Most Walkable Suburb.”


Walk Score: 76.6

City planners designed Miami with walkability in mind. Miami’s warm weather will allow you to comfortably walk year round. Also, with all the street art and fun architecture, you’ll be met with a lot of exciting sights on your walks.

Best Places to Walk in Miami:

Pick a neighborhood to explore and enjoy all of the art deco architecture and colorful sights. Or, walk along one of the many sunny, white sand beaches Miami has to offer.


Walk Score: 75.3

Don’t overlook Oakland because the city across the bay overshadows it as the most walkable city in the US. Oakland also offers a ton of walking opportunities. The city has been cultivating the waterfront, so you can walk from restaurant to shop to bar on the water.

Best Places to Walk in Oakland:

Walk to historic Grand Lake Theatre or around Jack London Square.

Walking Philadelphia with Protalus insoles


Walk Score: 74.8

Walk along the cobblestone streets and enjoy the historic architecture of Philadelphia. With 10,000+ acres of public parks, Philadelphia was the first US city to be deemed a UNESCO World Heritage City.

Best Places to Walk in Philadelphia: 

Center City West, Rittenhouse Square, and Avenue of the Arts South are all great places to walk in Philadelphia.


Walk Score: 74.4

While Seattle may be rainy, the city is incredibly walkable. With national parks and Douglas firs surrounding Seattle, you can either walk around the city or explore nature and venture out to the city’s outskirts.

Best Places to Walk in Seattle:

Walk to the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Museum of Pop Culture, or Pacific Science Center. Walk along the waterfront, or drive to Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, or Mount Rainier and explore those areas.


Walk Score: 73.3

While Long Beach, California isn’t as major of a city compared to the other cities on this list, it’s one of the most walkable places in the US. This laid-back coastal town that’s close to LA has a compact downtown area that’s easy to walk around.

Best Places to Walk in Long Beach:

Go for walks along the beach. Visit the historic Queen Mary Ship and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Walk around downtown to the many restaurants Long Beach has to offer.

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