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misaligned skeleton
What do these images have in common?

While these images may look different, they have one thing in common: they need to be repaired. Misalignment in your body is like a broken machine; it disrupts the entire system, leading to inefficiency and damage over time. If you wouldn't ignore a broken machine, why ignore the signals from your body?

broken gear
misaligned body
Misalignment: the hidden failure

Misalignment is the incorrect positioning of the body's joints, most often starting with the ankle. The ankle transfers weight from the leg to the foot while absorbing shock and providing stability and support. A misaligned body cannot distribute this weight evenly. This causes the body's "backup system" to kick in: the muscles. The muscles begin compensating for the extra weight on the joints, leading to increased discomfort, soreness, and pain in these areas.

Example: Gears in a machine

Imagine a machine with a misaligned gear. Even though the machine still operates, the other parts have to work harder to compensate. This extra strain gradually causes the entire machine to break down, not just the misaligned gear.

Untreated misalignment comes at a cost

Increased Risk of Injury
Misalignment will cause excessive strain on muscles and joints, making them more susceptible to injuries.


Chronic Pain
Persistent misalignment often leads to chronic pain in areas such as the lower back, hips, knees, and feet.


Reduced Mobility and Flexibility
Joint movement is restricted making it harder for individuals to perform tasks that require flexibility and range of motion.


Higher Healthcare Costs
Misalignment will lead to an increase in injuries including medical treatments, lost workdays, and reduced productivity.

You will not be the first to move your employees to a more aligned body using our technology - but you may be the next.
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Example: Vehicle Maintenance
misaligned car tires
misaligned car tires

Q: Why do people perform routine maintenance on their vehicles?

A: To keep them running smoothly.

An important maintenance task is tire alignment. This prevents uneven tire wear, which reduces stress on the suspension, and improves the steering, handling, braking, and fuel efficiency. Similarly, aligning your body's skeleton is important. A misaligned body causes uneven wear on joints and muscles, leading to more stress, chronic pain, and injuries over time.

The ankle is vital for alignment

Alignment is the correct positioning of the body's joints. This starts with the ankle, which is the foundation for the entire skeletal structure. When the ankle is properly aligned, it ensures that the knees, hips, and spine can evenly distribute weight. This means no extra muscles or "parts" will need to compensate. This supports your movements and reduces unnecessary stress and strain on any single part of the body.

Example: Gears in a machine cont.

If you fix the misaligned gear, the machine will run better and the other parts can then go back to doing their jobs without extra strain. This improves the longevity, performance, and well-being of the parts and the machine.

When the body is not compensating


Reduces Injury Risk
There is less wear and tear on your joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injuries, such as sprains, strains, and overuse injuries.


Enhances Comfort and Performance
Proper weight distribution across your feet and other joints reduces discomfort and fatigue.


Prevents Chronic Pain
Misalignment often leads to chronic pain in the back, hips, knees, and feet. Correct alignment helps prevent these issues.


Improves Posture and Balance
Proper alignment supports good posture, which is vital for balance and stability.

Options to achieve body alignment
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Muscle Exercises
Exercising your muscles can be an inexpensive solution, but it takes time, dedication, and patience.

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After-market Insoles
Most lack the ability to align your body throughout the gait cycle; thus, providing only a partial solution.

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Anti-fatigue Mats
Mats are bulky and static, creating tripping hazards. They also only provide cushion and do not correct misalignment.

protalus t-100 elite insole
The most effective solution to achieve body alignment

Protalus offers the most effective solution to the cause of misalignment by leveraging the body's natural capabilities. It's quick, easy, and comes at no administrative frustration. When you choose Protalus products you not only get the benefits of alignment, but the knowledge and technology that comes with them.


We have scientific research, laboratory tests, and independent studies that we are excited to share during our conversations.


Alignment Technology
We are thrilled to demonstrate how our alignment technology is second to none. We can go into all of the nitty-gritty details.


Our alignment technology is hardwired into our insoles. This makes it easy to use, and accessible to anyone with footwear.

Verified by medical experts
dr. kirk mccullough

Kirk McCullough M.D.
"I am unaware of any insoles currently on the market that have an independently tested and biomechanically proven technology that can promote subtler neutral hindfoot control as efficiently and effectively as Protalus."

d.p.m nicholas romansky

Nicholas Romansky D.M.P
"Misalignment leads to muscle and joint imbalance, weakness, and compensation of body parts resulting in injury and decreased work productivity. The worker perceives pain as the symptom; Protalus treats the cause not the symptom."

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