Who We Are.

Because we aren't satisfied with 'good enough', Protalus insoles are the result of our passion for design and never-ending attention to detail.


Years of Research

Our insoles are the result of decades of research in the field. Born from custom orthotics, our insoles have evolved to become an effective solution that requires no custom measurement.


Patents / Applications

Internationally patented technology separates Protalus from the rest. Using our unique approach to align the ankle, we optimize the alignment of your body from the ground up.

Unstoppable Innovation

We won't stop with "good enough". Our designs are constantly improved and rigorously tested by independent researchers so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

Meet the Team

Chris Buck Henrik Norremark Kirk A. McCullough, M.D.

Henrik Norremark: Founder, CEO

When Henrik and Chris began Protalus, he brought with him 20 years of operational and financial experience in the wind/energy industry as the former CFO of Vestas in Denmark. Not unlike his experience with wind turbines, he has found working with another innovative product exciting and rewarding. Henrik loves to see the positive effect that Protalus insoles have on individual people as well as entire companies. He is currently working with several corporations to help them bring Protalus to their staff so that they can experience the difference Protalus insoles make while walking and standing, while the business gets to save money on the huge yearly cost of musculoskeletal injuries. Helping people feel good and stay healthy is what compelled him to start Protalus and is the foundation of what motivates his daily work.

Christopher Buck: Founder, Inventor, COO

Born and raised in the greater Portland area, Chris comes from a footwear design family. His father designed for some of the better known brands in the area including Nike and Adidas so problem solving through innovative design is in his blood. When Chris's son began to struggle with pain in his feet and he could not find an affordable orthotic that was comfortable enough to wear while playing sports, Chris set to work. Instead of approaching the issue from a medical context, he looked at the mechanical problem from within the foot and realized there was a clear solution that no one had tried before. Protalus was born and now his patented insole designs help people all over the country feel their best.

Kirk A. McCullough, M.D.: Corporate Medical Director

Dr. McCullough joined Protalus in 2021 after his own personal experience with orthotics lead him to try Protalus insoles. Having used orthotics since the age of twelve, he faced many of the obstacles that our customers do: poor fit, high cost, and unsatisfactory results. As an orthopedic surgeon, he was impressed with our unique approach to solving ankle misalignment and asked to become part of the team in order to get the word out about the Protalus method. Dr. McCullough continues to practice as an orthopedic surgeon in Kansas City and serve his community as a member of several professional organizations including the NFL Foot and Ankle Subcommittee, USL Sports Medicine Task Force, and the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, among others.

Henrik Norremark Chris Buck Kirk A. McCullough, M.D.

Protalus designs products that are laboratory tested and proven to do what we say they do. You can put your trust in Protalus to bring you the very best in insole technology.

Customer Service

Customer Service Rep Customer Service Rep

Our customer service team is committed to helping everyone have a great experience with Protalus. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us. Let us help you love your insoles!

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The Science

Insole Diagram

Your experience with Protalus insoles is going to be different because there are no other insoles like them. Our unique design doesn't just ease the impact of your step but actually aligns your body from the bottom up starting with the bones in your feet. Click below to read more!

The Science