What is HIIT?

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What is HIIT?

You may have seen the acronym “HIIT” in other articles and not known what it means. The letters stand for High Intensity Interval Training. This is a specific type of training that focuses on short bursts of high intensity activities such as squats or jumping with short recovery periods mixed in. During the high intensity activities, the participant is supposed to push themselves to their greatest possible level of engagement. HIIT workouts typically take less time to complete than traditional aerobic training and focus on keeping the heart rate up.

HIIT workout

What are the Benefits?

HIIT workouts have been shown to improve glucose metabolism, improve muscle and bone mass, and reduce fat mass in the body. They also burn a lot of calories in a short period of time and can even continue to burn more calories after the workout is complete. One of the reasons they have grown in popularity is that they don’t take up too much time in the day. With our busy modern schedules it can be hard to fit in a workout. Since HIIT has proven effective as a workout model and also can be completed in half an hour or less, it is a good fit for a lot of people.


Is HIIT for Anyone or Just Athletes?

HIIT is all about raising your personal fitness level and finding your personal point of exhaustion. While the routine you complete might not be as intense as a world-class athlete’s HIIT routine, if it is still pushing you to reach your goals, it is right for you. You don’t have to go to a fancy gym or have a personal trainer to complete a HIIT workout. There are many routines that can be completed from your home with little or no equipment needed.


Some HIIT Workout Examples

If you want to try a HIIT workout for yourself here are some resources that can help you get started. They can all be completed at home, for free, with no equipment:

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