3 Best Moderate Hikes in the US

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Summer is still going strong, and what better way to enjoy the sun than with a hike? The United States is filled with endless beautiful hikes that are well traveled, but I'm sure you would rather go on a hike with less people. Here are some low-key, moderately rated hikes that you might not have heard of that can be enjoyed year round.

angels rest

Angels Rest Trailhead - Oregon

Angels rest trailhead is located in Bridal Veil, Oregon and is one of the hidden treasures located in the Columbia River Gorge. Most tourists and non-locals come to explore Multnomah Falls, located a few miles away, and completely miss out on this hike. Angels Rest is a moderately difficult trail that you can hike year round with a steep elevation gain. The trail is 4.8 miles round trip, but straight uphill with an elevation gain of nearly 1500 feet! The hike is paved for easy walking, and gives you small viewing windows along the trail, so you can see your progress while hiking. The view from the top of the trail is truly breathtaking and one of a kind, as you can see for miles. For maximum comfort and stability, make sure you use Protalus insoles in your boots. We recommend the M-100 model, so that your feet will feel their best during and after the hike.

Double Arch

Double Arch - Arches National Park

Double Arch is located in Arches National Park, Utah, and words cannot describe its beauty. National Parks are always filled with loads of people, and Double Arch isn’t much different, but since tourists mainly come to see Delicate Arch, this trail is considered underrated. Double Arch is an easy trail, being less than 1 mile round trip, with no real elevation gain. This trail has many beautiful arches, which is why you should go see it, such as: Double Arch, The Windows, Parade of Elephants and Elephant Butte. Double Arch is the final thing you see, where you can sit under two massive arches and get lost in its beauty. While walking towards the double arch, you can see arches and rocks shaped like elephants (parade of elephants and elephant butte). While visiting, remember to stay well hydrated because Arches national park can reach temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit all summer long.

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake Trail - Glacier National Park

Avalanche Lake Trail is located in West Glacier National Park, Montana and is hidden amongst other trails. This is one of the many trails located on the famous Going-To-The-Sun Road in West Glacier and has some amazing views. This trail is basically an extension of the Trail of the Cedars, which is one of the only trails completely wheelchair accessible in Glacier. A lot of people hike that trail, but skip out on Avalanche Lake either because they didn’t see it, or they don’t have enough time to complete it. The trail takes about 3-4 hours to complete and leads to a lake filled with Glacier runoff, giving it a nice fluorescent green color. This hike is about 5.9 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 800 ft. and is considered moderately difficult. The trail follows a stream uphill surrounded by an endless forest of trees. Once you reach the top you see a lake rimmed with steep cliffs on 3 sides with numerous cascading waterfalls. If you carry onwards for another mile you can walk to the other side of the lake. The lake is incredible and you can see as far as 40 ft under the water.

Things to Bring!

• Adequate water - Hydration is important on all of these trails, especially in the summer.

• Hiking shoes fitted with good insoles - Hiking shoes fitted with Protalus insoles will provide proper alignment, hopefully making the hike a little easier on your body. Walking with comfortable shoes can change the hike entirely.

• Extra clothes- Some of these trails cross streams or small bodies of water and you don’t want to walk around in soggy socks.

• Snacks - Trails are meant to be enjoyed, not rushed. Make sure you bring enough food to last you a few hours.

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