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Boots are often the most expensive footwear in our closets. From work boots to boots for fashion, they can be investment pieces that last for years. But even with the big price tag, the insoles that come in boots can be some of the worst as far as support and comfort go. Sometimes they are just a thin piece of lining over the wooden sole of the boot or a barely-there bit of foam over a hard rubber sole. This industry problem is why replacement insoles for boots are so popular and important, not just for your comfort but for your health as well.

Why do you need insoles for boots?

For most boots, especially steel-toe and cowboy boots, the product is intended to be worn for the entire day, often on hard surfaces like cement. This means that the feet in those boots are bearing the pressure of the downward forces on the body for an extended period of time. If the boots don't come with insoles that help to distribute that pressure 1, provide arch support, or correct alignment issues of the body that will be bearing that load, the person wearing them may end up with soreness at the end of the day or even long term medical conditions such as painful knees or collapsed arches.

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What are the best insoles for boots?

This very much depends on the boots including their design and intended use. Fashion boots and narrower cowboy boots might have less volume, or available room inside, to accommodate a thick or wide insole. Yet it is still important that you get the cushion and support you need. So for those boots, try to look for a thinner insole that still provides corrective alignment technology and some cushion. For work boots that you will wear on hard surfaces all day, the level to which the insole can distribute the pressure on your feet is more of a priority, as is the alignment technology. For work boots, look for an insole that offers the highest level of arch support, pressure distribution, and alignment correction.

For Boots We Recommend:

The T-Series offers the greatest degree of cushion and arch support, can help redistribute pressure, and allow for better overall alignment. It is ideal for daily wear in regular volume shoes such as walking shoes, athletic trainers, and work boots. The M-Series incorporates Protalus's patented alignment technology to provide the stability and comfort you need.

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Are there different types of insoles for boots?

Insoles for boots, especially work boots and cowboy boots, do come in a wide range of options. There are cedar insoles and charcoal insoles to try and deal with odor, insoles with gel, foam insoles, and even insoles that are supposed to be custom molded to your feet. It is true that bacteria in your boots may cause odor and but as explained in this article, there are ways to deal with this issue. As far as insoles go, support and discomfort mitigation are likely your top priorities and for those concerns, look for insoles with alignment technology, arch support, and some cushion.

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How often should you change insoles for boots?

Most insoles come with a manufacturer recommendation which can serve as a guideline for when most people need to replace those insoles. But when you should replace your insoles is more dependent on use than materials. If you wear your insoles on hard surfaces while doing manual labor for twelve hours a day, the materials in those insoles will be exposed to more heat and pressure than someone who keeps a pair of insoles in their running shoes that they use for a run three times a week. For this reason it is important to take a look at the insoles when you purchase them to see how they look when they're new. Then look at them periodically to check if they have compressed or changed shape. For more information about Protalus insoles and when to replace them, you can read more here.

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