Should Skateboarders Use Shoe Insoles?

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Common Skateboarding Injuries

Ollies and kickflips and wallrides, oh my! Skateboarders have extensive lists of tricks in their back pockets. All of these tricks can lead to harsh impact and overuse, which can in turn lead to various types of foot injuries. Fractures (broken ankles, broken toes, and injured heels) can be the result of bad falls. A sprain, the result of flexing or bending your feet in an unusual way, is another common injury among skateboarders. These two injuries require medical attention and downtime. Other injuries can be improved with supportive insoles. Insoles with appropriate support can help with plantar fasciitis, a painful injury skateboarders may develop due to overuse and strain on the tissue that connects the heel and forefoot.  Skaters experiencing Achilles tendonitis, a tight pain in the Achilles tendon developed from overuse and strain, could also benefit from wearing insoles.

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Skate Shoes Can Only Do So Much. Insoles Can Help.

A skate shoe is the only interface separating a skater’s foot from their skateboard. And yet, skate shoes themselves don’t provide a lot of support. If you’re experiencing pain in your feet or joints, it may be time to buy a pair of insoles. Insoles can increase a skater’s performance by absorbing shock and evenly distributing bodyweight. They can help skaters perform advanced tricks and protect from the pain experienced after absorbing impact from landing and bailing tricks. Since most skate shoes don’t have proper support, adding insoles gives skaters the support they need.

What to Look for in Skateboarding Insoles 

The three main questions to ask yourself when looking for skateboarding insoles are:

•Will these insoles absorb shock from impact so my feet don’t have to?

•Will these insoles support proper body mechanics with alignment technology? 

•Will these insoles prevent my heels from slipping?

Insoles that focus on arch support often don’t provide proper alignment correction through the heel to keep your ankle in an optimum position. Protalus insoles put an emphasis on alignment; proper alignment is a major part of injury prevention when applying repeated impact to your ankles, knees, and hips.

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Skateboarding Is a Lifestyle 

Remember that skateboarding is a lifestyle. Your feet are the same on and off the board, on and off the ramp. It’s important to keep a universal use mindset when thinking about how to take care of your feet. If the pain is consistent and intense, see a doctor. A proper diagnosis may save you from further injury. But in other cases, investing in insoles might be your best bet. Skating with insoles can help you be the best skateboarder you can be.

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