Work Boot Insoles For Pain Relief

"6'3 245lbs and stand all day on concrete. They have helped immensely with my back and knee pain." -Mark G.

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M-100 Elite

Durable For Your Work Day

Hard surfaces can exacerbate aches and pains. We have you covered. Made with super durable materials that increase shock absorption by 20%, the M-100 Elite helps not just your feet but your ankles, knees, and back too. If you've experienced discomfort that stops you from enjoying yourself even after your shift ends, this is the insole for you.

Best Work Boot Insoles
For Pain Relief


M-100 Elite

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• Universal fit for flat feet and high arches

• Fits average to wide widths up to size 4E

• Patented alignment technology

• Treats the leading cause of plantar fasciitis

• Lasts up to a year


For   pain relief, comfort, and improved body alignment

T-100 Elite

One Minute To Put In Your Shoes For A Year Of Pain Relief

Protalus is the gold standard in alignment technology. With the deepest heel cup found in any over-the-counter insole, the Protalus design gives you the correction you need to enjoy proper pressure distribution and get relief from your aches and pains. Protalus insoles:


Treat the leading cause of plantar fasciitis


Require no trimming, just order your shoe size


Increase shock absorption in the heel by 20%


Also benefit your ankles, knees, hips, and back!

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Correct ankle alignment by up to 65% compared to 18% in other leading brands

Used By Industry Leaders

Protalus is what the experts reach for because the design is based on over 50 years of medical research and peer-reviewed studies. We didn't come up with the idea, we just put it into an insole that feels great and is available for anyone who wants the greatest level of correction and comfort.

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