Customer Service Promise

We have a passion for people! Protalus ® is actively engaged and committed to helping customers. We do so by continuously valuing, nurturing and growing our employees. We believe that as we grow and care for our employees with excellence, the team overflows with exceptional service for our customers. We refer to this as relational alignment: Creating synchronicity between producing and serving.

Ready to help
Monday-Friday 6AM-5PM PST

Here is what you can expect from Our Customer Service Team:

Intensity in integrity.

We consistently work to build a connection with our customers that they can absolutely trust in. We believe in earning your complete confidence by following through with all promises that we make and products we produce. Both our customers and employees can trust our word, our guarantee and our products.

Delight in the connection.

We love people. Engagement with you is what we enjoy, what we specialize in, what we look forward to. Conversation, feedback and input is what we are all about.

Intentional Listening.

Protalus ® hears you. Our customers and our employees not only have our heart but they also have our ear. We seek your input and highly value your interaction. What you think matters. We consider you an equal partner, who we respect and listen to in this business relationship.

Above and Beyond.

Protalus ® is always innovative both in product development and in customer service. We anticipate your needs and will exceed your expectation. We approach all situations with the mindset of helping in a way that goes above and beyond, both for our customers and for our employees.

We will hear your concerns and work to bring you a solution that aligns your needs with our products.

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