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So Many Choices

Shopping for shoe insoles can feel intimidating if you’re not quite sure what you need. I didn’t even know I needed better insoles in my shoes until I tried them. Sometimes it's hard to notice the discomfort you live with until you feel the difference a proper insole can make. Most people who are in the market for a shoe insole are looking for support, comfort, and quality. At Protalus, we are confident that we can help you find the best insoles for you. Our insoles fit true to size so they shouldn’t require any trimming, though you can trim them if you feel you need to. We offer several models of insoles but sometimes it can be hard to tell the differences between them just by looking at them online. Today we’re going to take a look at two of our best selling models: the M100 and the T100.

Both the M100 and T100 models are full length insoles. In order to put a full length Protalus insole into your shoe you will need to remove the existing factory insole from the shoe. Most boots and athletic shoes come with an insole that is not glued to the shoe or is just tacked down with a light adhesive. If you are unsure, you can tug gently on the edge of your current insole to see if it will come out easily. If the insole is fully glued or cemented down, a three-quarter length Protalus insole. such as the M75 or T75, will be your best bet as they can sit directly over an existing insole.

The M100

Protalus M100 Insole

The M100 is our flagship model. It has the greatest degree of arch support as well as the highest level of heel and forefoot cushioning. The “M” in the model’s name stands for “Max” because it offers the maximum amount of alignment correction and support which is great or those who are on their feet all day like nurses, hairdressers, construction workers, and cooks. Because it has the most cushioning material, it is slightly thicker than the T100. Shoes that work well with the M100 are work boots, athletic trainers, and casual sneakers. They can accommodate shoes up to a EE width. Personally, I like to wear the M100s in my bulkier shoes but, as a woman, I often find that I get less volume in my everyday casual shoes.

The T100

Protalus T100 Insoles

The T100 is a great solution for lower volume shoes like Vans, Keds, Chuck Taylors, or even flat women’s dress shoes. The “T” in the model’s name stands for “Thin” because it has a slightly thinner profile than the M100 model. It offers a moderate degree of arch support and has 3mm of cushioning in the heel as compared to the M100’s 4mm of heel cushioning. Inside your shoe, a millimeter of space is quite noticeable. Just like the M100s, the T100s use Protalus’s unique heel cup and body shape to correct your alignment. They can also accommodate shoes up to a EE width.


While both the M100 and T100 are made of the same four layers of high quality materials, the T100 is a slightly thinner option with a more moderate level of arch support and correction. If you’re still unsure which model to go with, you can check out the full product descriptions for the M100 and T100 models on, take our insole finder quiz, or contact customer service at And, as always, all of our insoles are protected by our 90-day money-back guarantee, even if you trim them and wear them every day.

Our mission is to help you stop thinking so much about how your feet, ankles, and knees feel and help you get back to doing what you really love. With the guarantee and so many models to choose from, the question really is, what are you waiting for? It's time to start feeling the difference of proper support and alignment.

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