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With summer just around the corner, many of us are facing the reality that our summer self-care routines will look a lot different this year. COVID-19 has made heading down to the basketball court with friends or meeting up with your walking group a risky behavior. Though guidelines do vary depending where you live, most of us have found ourselves spending a lot of the day inside. Protalus is built on the premise that all people should be able to do what they love and not have discomfort or poor alignment get in the way. But some things are out of our control. There are ways to nourish your body and mind without putting yourself at risk, though. Here are some ideas from the employees at Protalus…

Indoor Exercise:

This feels obvious but it's also hard to know where to begin. There are a variety of exercise videos that come free with some of the streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Other options are checking out YouTube videos or even doing a quick Google search for your favorite exercise for diagrams or pointers. The variety out there is huge and includes yoga, Zumba, weight training, cardio, aerobics, martial arts, and more. If you have someone in your house to help you stay on schedule, or if you are highly motivated to keep to a routine, then this might be a great option for you.

Person Doing Yoga

Outdoor Exercise:

There are several activities that you can do outside but away from others. Riding a bike, running, yoga, tai chi, backyard weight training, jumping rope, or just walking the dog are all great options.  For me, getting outside is important to get a change of scenery, take in some sun, and feel a little less trapped in the house. You don’t have to be an Olympian to stay fit during quarantine time. Some consistent movement will contribute to your overall health.

Person Riding A Bike

Group Fitness:

Many gyms, yoga studios, and martial arts studios have changed their delivery format to allow people to join and take classes online. This is a great option for those who thrive on the energy of others and who like to have the accountability of an instructor or classmates. If you’re really feeling ready for an investment you can also look into one of the several fitness equipment companies that offer classes to go along with an equipment purchase such as Peloton or NordicTrack.

Relaxing Activities:

Nourish your mind by adding in some relaxing activities. Some of us at Protalus have been reading, painting, gardening, baking, knitting, and meditating. The key is to do something that helps your mind wander away from your everyday anxieties and stresses. Again, there are countless tutorials on YouTube and other platforms that can help you along.

Person Painting

Whatever you decide to do during this time, remember that taking care of yourself is important. When your body and mind are healthy, dealing with change and stress is a little bit easier. We don’t know what the future will hold but we do hope that in some way you are able to find some time for yourself and do what you love.

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