Morton's Neuroma Insoles

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that can be difficult to deal with but shoe inserts for Morton's neuroma can help ease the symptoms. While it may feel overwhelming to experience pain while walking, there is hope for recovery.

What is Morton's neuroma?

Morton's neuroma is a "thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves leading to your toes" 1. This can result in pain, typically between the third and fourth toes. This is different from neuropathy, and is not the same as the foot pain associated with diabetes. It can sometimes be caused by certain behaviors and can often be successfully treated.

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What are symptoms of Morton's neuroma?

Morton's neuroma is characterized by sharp, shooting pain in the ball of the foot, pain between the toes, numbness, stinging, burning, or feeling as if you are standing on a pebble. It is not associated with pain in the heel, which may be more related to the plantar fascia.

For Morton's Neuroma We Recommend:

The T-Series offers the greatest degree of cushion support which can help ease Morton's neuroma pain. It is ideal for daily wear in regular volume shoes such as athletic trainers, work boots, and walking shoes. The T-Series incorporates Protalus's patented alignment technology to provide the structure and comfort you need.

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What causes Morton's neuroma?

The condition is caused by irritation to the nerves in the foot so there are many behaviors that can contribute to this such as wearing high heels, ill-fitting shoes, or shoes with a narrow toe-box. Participating in high-impact sports with a lot of running or jumping can also be a factor along with natural foot abnormalities.

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How can you treat Morton's neuroma?

There are some measures you can take at home such as applying ice, letting your feet rest, wearing lower heels or better fitting shoes, and purchasing Morton's neuroma insoles. If these steps still don't bring relief, a doctor may be able to intervene with a steroid injection before resorting to nerve removal surgery.

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Can insoles relieve Morton's neuroma foot pain?

In a recent study 2, it was demonstrated that participants found significant pain relief when using insoles to treat Morton's neuroma. Insoles can provide shock absorption, arch support, cushioning, and correct anatomical alignment issues to help relieve the stress on the nerves.

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What mistakes prevent Morton's neuroma pain relief?

Unfortunatly it is common for people to suffer needlessly with Morton's neuroma pain if they are unwilling to see a doctor for treatment, decide to continue wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes, or decide to play through the pain for their exercise routines. Forcing activity or wearing the wrong shoes despite your pain will likely worsen the condition and could increase your likelihood for surgery.

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