How Protalus works

They may look like regular insoles but Protalus insoles have a secret. Hidden in the deep heel cup of every Protalus insole is the medical industry's ideal tool for comfort, safety, and body optimization.

Our product designers took the research and conclusions from the University of California Berkeley Lab's landmark 1967 study and created an accessible product that fits all arch types, doesn't require measuring, and cannot accidentally provide too much correction.

An important note

Some other insoles may claim to correct alignment but only Protalus has publicly available third-party lab studies showing the quantifiable change in alignment that Protalus insoles provide.

But even more importantly, Protalus insoles provide this alignment through the entire movement of walking, not just when standing still. This is the special sauce that sets Protalus apart from all others. They're more than insoles, they're dynamic alignment devices.